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AlPiNA stands for Algebraic Petri Nets Analyzer and is a model checker (external link) for Algebraic Petri Nets (external link). It has been developped by the SMV Group (external link) and is 100% written in Java and available under the terms of the GNU (external link) general public license.
  Default Assignee
Algebraic Spec Alexis Marechal
ADT metamodel and tools
Alpina's Web Site Alexis Marechal
Alpina's Web Site
APN Alexis Marechal
APN metamodel and tools
Eclipse plugin / GUI hostettler
User graphical interface and deployment
engine hostettler
Algebraic Petri Net support and State Space generation
JDD hostettler
Java Decision Diagram Library
Sigma DD hostettler
Term encoding and rewriting using Decision Diagrams
validator Alexis Marechal
Reachability and CTL checker